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Terminal Value Investing is the magic that is created at the intersection of these three.



We look for Gorilla Companies who are undisputed leaders who are rare, dominant and have longevity.



We are seeing a world that is increasingly populated by companies with a rise in less visible assets.



Megatrends are major trends that tend to disrupt an established way of working thus reshaping the world.

Explore funds based on categories


Overnight Fund

Overnight funds invest in ultra-short-term debt, providing stability and liquidity, making them ideal for short-term parking of funds.


Liquid Fund

Liquid funds invest in short-term, high-quality debt instruments, offering liquidity and stability, suitable for short-term investment needs.


Short Term Debt Funds

Short-term debt funds invest in bonds with maturities of 1-3 years, balancing stability, income, and moderate risk for investors.


Long Term Debt Funds

Long-term debt funds invest in bonds with extended maturities, aiming for higher returns, suitable for investors with a longer horizon.


Equity Funds

Equity funds invest in stocks, aiming for capital appreciation. Higher risk, potentially higher returns, suited for long-term investors seeking growth.